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We listen to your all needs

The world around us evolves at an ever-quickening pace. It will not stop.

So do the needs of people, also in respect of health care and support.

We do our best to notice them all.

We develop and provide innovative solutions for health care, so that you can focus on what is actually important – for you and your loved ones.

Since our beginning in 2005, we have launched over 80 strong brands on the market. They have been acknowledged and acclaimed by practitioners, pharmacists and, more importantly, patients. They include medications, medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements.

Every detail is carefully designed, so that the products meet the highest of expectations.

It all starts from the person

People are our pride and power. Every day, over  170 people ensure that only the best quality products reach our customers, and that number does not include our partners.

Each of those people makes a personal contribution and adds unique value to making your life easier, more peaceful and pleasant.

We knew from the outset that it is the team that is at the core of the company’s capital. For this reason we want to make sure that everyone has the proper environment which encourages learning and ongoing development.

In the words of Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.“ We are successful every day.

check, what is going on at our place

Whoever saves the life of one man, saves the whole world

We all wish to leave this world a slightly better place than we found it. This is why our work is not limited to innovative pharmaceutical solutions.

We take up modern social challenges, therefore our actions are based on the principle of sustainable development. We are keen on promoting a healthy lifestyle, supporting charities and helping local communities.

let’s do good together!